Pelmets made to your dimensions and style.

Covered in silvered fabric, for a industrial unit officePelmet finished in customers own fabric to match curtainsFabric covered pelmet with a Braid GimpFabric covered bumper pelmet in kitchenRed/Wine Fabric Covered Pelmets Designed for a Cambridge CollegeMirror finish pelmets in silver and goldPelmet where customer fitted their own coloured uplighterMirrored pelmet with chrome trim and chamfered returnLong fabric covered pelmet
design your own pelmet

Special offer! get 25% off your cheapest (when you order 2 or more) *25% off does not apply to pelmets covered in customers own fabric.

Offer ends: 31st May 2020

Testimonials from past customers

Box Pelmets for curtains and blinds to go over your windows.

We make pelmets for your windows to your dimensions with optional rounded ends in six different styles. Then we deliver them to your door within the UK.

Having been in the soft furnishing trade for over 30 years, I have always wanted to move away from the traditional square boxed end curtain pelmets to incorporate a curved end on the returns thus giving a more aesthetically pleasing and smoother shape to the pelmet. It doesn’t effect or hinder the bunching of the curtains when drawn back, as they never bunch into the corners anyway. The style and shape is a lot easier and pleasing on the eye

They are custom made to order in our UK factory using our proprietary technology and dispatched via carrier to your door.

A large range of sizes and styles are available take a look and see.

We supply the pelmets for your own finish in your chosen colour*, or finished in interlining (bump) for you to cover in your own fabric. You can also have your pelmet supplied with a wood veneer.
* Please try your finish on a small area or a sample first, see guidance

We can now offer mirror finish pelmets in silver and gold mirror finish. You can see some example mirror pelmets in our gallery here and here.

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If you have any questions please look at our guidance and frequently asked questions pages as they may well answer your questions.


We would like to thank all our customers for their support and in many cases their repeat business, we have increased our sales repeatedly over the past 5 years. We are introducing our new registered name of 'Purfexion' which in the coming months will eventually take over from Pelmets4u