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Frequently Asked Pelmet Questions

Do you do pelmets for bay windows?

Because of the complexity of measuring for them and the various angles and allowances / clearances needed to ensure that the curtains can run freely behind the pelmet face.

Can you supply curtain tracks to fit inside the pelmets?

But we will need more information.
Did you want a manual track and draw the curtains by hand or a corded operated track?
The cheapest and easiest track would a plastic track a Swish deluxe rail is ideal.

If you want a corded rail I would recommend a Swish Superluxe or for really heavy curtains I would suggest the Integra Heavy Duty Corded rail which is a metal rail with Nylon Gliders.

If it’s your intention to order with us. I will need to know the following; How long do you require the curtain track bearing in mind it needs to be a minimum of 50 mm less than the pelmet length (this allows for a 15-20 mm clearance between the end of the rail and the inside of the pelmet return.

Also will you require a L/H or R/H cord control and do you require a split draw (standard for a pair of curtains) on the curtains or if you choose to have a single curtain a L/H or R/H bunch?

You should be interested in our guidance information.

design your own pelmet