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Frequently Asked Pelmet Questions

These are some of the questions we get asked most frequently, you should also look at our guidance information.

How do I order a Pelmets?

On the home page, click "Order your pelmet now"

If you are unfamiliar with ordering a pelmet, I would recommend you read our guidance section first, as this should help you with taking the correct relevant measurements, prior to ordering.

This link will take you to the order page which gives you all the options available.

Fill in Boxes A. Length, B. Projection and D. Depth.
When you have done the above a price will automatically appear in the box.
If you require a pelmet with rounded / chamfered corners or a shape; classic, colonial etc. or a different finish you will need to click the relevant boxes attuned for this purpose. The price will adjust accordingly.

Tip: If you click on the Elephant symbol it will bring up a scale of measurements (In Metric and nearest Imperial equivalent) click on the measurement you require and it will automatically be inserted (in metric) in the relevant box.

The price shown is inclusive of VAT, but doesn’t include your contribution towards the carriage. This will be shown and adjusted accordingly after you submit your delivery address post code (the website calculates shipping by mapping the postcode to zones as quoted by our Couriers) in the next stage.

Once you have entered your address details and proceeded to payment, we will create your pelmet and then ship it to you.

Please note: if you want a pelmet with measurements outside the parameters offered, please contact us about your extraordinary pelmet so we can quote you manually.

Do you do pelmets for bay windows?

Because of the complexity of measuring for them and the various angles and allowances / clearances needed to ensure that the curtains can run freely behind the pelmet face.

You may find our guidance about bay windows useful it explains some more of the complexity involved.

Do you make pelmets longer than the measurements specified on you website?

Yes but you need to contact us with the details so we can quote you.
The details required are outlined here.

Can you supply curtain tracks to fit inside the pelmets?

But we will need more information.
Did you want a manual track and draw the curtains by hand or a corded operated track?
The cheapest and easiest track would a plastic track a Swish deluxe rail is ideal.

If you want a corded rail I would recommend a Swish Superluxe or for really heavy curtains I would suggest the Integra Heavy Duty Corded rail which is a metal rail with Nylon Gliders.

If it’s your intention to order with us. I will need to know the following; How long do you require the curtain track bearing in mind it needs to be a minimum of 50 mm less than the pelmet length (this allows for a 15-20 mm clearance between the end of the rail and the inside of the pelmet return.

Also will you require a L/H or R/H cord control and do you require a split draw (standard for a pair of curtains) on the curtains or if you choose to have a single curtain a L/H or R/H bunch?

Can you cover in my own material?

Although we have an extensive selection of material in stock we have found its either never enough or not the right colour or shade etc.
Therefore we offer the service of covering the pelmets in a material of your choosing.

If you want to order a pelmet covered your own fabric go through the normal pelmet ordering process specifying the dimensions, shape and style. Just be careful to specify that you want the pelmet covered in your own fabric.
At the bottom of the page under "Choose your finish"
Click on the box that says "Finished in customers own fabric"

Once we have your order and measurements we will ask you for the following information;

  • Width of the material?
  • Is it plain or patterned?
  • If your material has a pattern repeat, what is it?
  • Is it a straight match (Normal) or is it a Half drop Pattern (Complicated)

Regarding the material
If it isn’t obvious which is the right side or which way up the pattern needs to be when we cover the pelmet. This will need to be clarified by pinning / attaching these extra details to the material to avoid any mistakes.
(Some of our customers use designer material or material that is exclusive to certain outlets, in these cases they normally choose to have the material sent direct to us. If the material isn’t always available off the roll, they will forward us a pair of Ready-mades or a matching Duvet to use and cover the pelmet in )

Material Required
As a rough guide if your material is 137cm wide and it has a small pattern a pelmet 200cm wide and 25cm high with a projection of 15cm we would need about 1m of fabric. There would be 2 joins on the pelmet, they would be equidistant from each end (No Centre Join!). This all depends on the fabric the size of the pattern which direction you want the pattern to run etc.

We usually cover the interior in a plain fabric to complete the piece when we cover the exterior in fabric. If you want to have a certain colour of fabric on the inside please tell us and we can include that in any quote and discuss it with you.

You can always call us to discuss, Graham likes talking and although he goes on a bit sometimes he knows a lot about haberdashery, he has been doing it for decades.

Do you offer a measuring and fitting service?

Sorry No.
Please read our measurement guidance.

What do you use to make the pelmets?

In the main we use a 5 mm thick Composite Board in White (Default) It has an excellent finish, it can be painted, cut to various shapes, glued, stapled (for attaching material to) and heat formed to make the rounded returns.
Alternatively we use a 5.5 mm thick Far-Eastern Ply (A lot stronger and lighter than MDF which is heaver and more brittle). If a pelmet has square corners and is a substantial size also if our customers are going to cover it themselves we may use ply as it takes the staples better.

We are currently unable to make pelmets with rounded or chamfered corners in plywood.

You can paint or cover either material the questions we ask are about achieving optimal results.

Do you send notification of delivery date?

Yes, we forward you an email on the day of dispatch, as follows

Hi Name, Inc ID number, (Contents of package / crate being dispatched)
I can confirm that your pelmet was dispatched late this afternoon it should be delivered to you not later than Friday
Our couriers are XYZ and your consignment number is; ZDBZAW001234

Unpacking your pelmet

When a pelmet is fitted in a recess or with one end against a wall will it have a return?

It is always preferable to put a short return on the pelmets as they sit better and there is less likelihood of light seeping through the ends
If you measure across a recess (between 2 walls) you need to measure this very accurately (Preferably with a hand laser measure)
When ordering inform us if you require the pelmet plain or if you require it in customer’s own material, as the pelmet will need to be made 5 to 8mm shorter in length than the measured recess size.

Do you offer any discounts for bulk orders?

If the order has multiples of pelmets (40+) in the same size.
We would quote competitively and this would include delivery using our transport to ensure no damage in transit
An engagement of emails would be obligatory.

Are your mirrored pelmets made of real mirror?

No as the glass would be too heavy, dangerous and totally impractical
Instead we use an Acrylic sheet with a Mirror finish in ether Silver or Gold. Its light weight by comparison, shatterproof, child safe ( good for Nurseries’ / Gyms / Play areas etc.
Choice of edge finishes, Silver / Gold / Black or White (See Gallery)

Can I pay by BACS

If you go through the process of ordering your pelmets then go to Paypal but don't actually pay. That will add the order details of what you want to order and how much it should be to our system. Then later on contact us and we will give you our bank details and a reference so you can pay by BACS.

Can I have a bespoke style pelmet?

Just select the bespoke style when your ordering your pelmet, we will get in touch to discuss what shape you want.

You should be interested in our guidance information.

design your own pelmet