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Bay Windows Pelmets

Why we don't offer them and guidance when your planning.

Unfortunately we have found that trying to create pelmets to fit bay windows isn't practical online. Because of their complexity, we are at this point of time unable to offer a satisfactory service to provide pelmets for bay windows.

Below are some of the reasons and some guidance. We hope you find the following information useful when your planning your bay windows.

Bay windows come in all shapes, sizes and angles, also the curtains required for these will either be sill (or just past) or full length down to the floor. This information is important as it relates to the type of track required to support the curtains.


There are several different types of curtain track available and suitable for bay windows. An uncorded manual UPVC track such as Swish Sologlyde or deluxe would initially be your cheapest option. If you wished to go corded the Swish Superluxe track is a good starter. Most corded tracks can only be used on bays with an internal bend they aren't designed for reverse bends. We would recommend that if you decide to have a corded track, it is better to have them corded independently from each end allowing drawing the curtains to be drawn to the center of bay, or part thereof. The reason for this is with a bay as the sun comes round you may only need to draw some of the curtains cross the window. Also it doesn't load the track and cording system as much if both sides are done together.

The infrastructure required in a bay to hold the pelmet or valance and possibly even the curtain track (Top fix) is a very important structure to get right as it has to be deep enough to accommodate the track (Taking into account the radii required for the gliders to glide round the bend also the depth and fullness of the curtains when both being drawn together or bunched back to stack. On average the board width would not be less than 150 mm deep.

Measurement and Angles

The measurement when creating a pelmet for the window has to be very precise if its too long or short then the pelmet will be the wrong shape and the pelmet will not fit fush to the wall. You also have issues with the space for the tracking being a consistent width.
Angles have to be quite precise which is hard to estimate, is the internal angle of the bay 30 or 33 degrees, if your just a little bit off on an angle the problems get exaggerated after several corners.
We can't visit all our customers homes to measure and then whilst building visit the site in order to offer up the pelmet to the wall to verify the shape. It may be that you are better off engaging a local carpenter.

Postage and Shipping

A bay window pelmet because of its internal angles tends towards a triangle or V shape which makes it a larger box and volume than the equivalent straight length pelmet. That shape then needs reinforcing when packing to prevent damage in transit. This makes it more expensive to ship as delivery companies tend to charge by weight and volume.

We wish you success when changing your bay windows.